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IT Support


Do you need one of our technicians to assist you at your office? Ascot provide a wide range of services, including printer troubles, internet issues, network issues, equipment deployment, and cable installation. Whatever you need, Ascot has the perfect person for you.


If you're experiencing a wide range of internet troubles, such as slow access, IP issues, DNS issues, sharing issues, website access, or any other issues? What can we do to assist?


With an increasing number of teleworkers working from home, VPNs must be set up securely to keep unwanted actors out. This might be a time-consuming procedure. You can rely on Ascot to setup your VPN securely!

In House

Ascot also provide pick-up and drop-off services or you can simply bring your equipment to our facility. If you prefer, we can pick up your equipment and return it to you after it's been repaired.

Network Support

Whatever operating system you choose (Windows Server, Windows OS, Linux, OSX), getting it to work when it breaks is a headache. The issue might be anything from internet problems to network problems to DNS, IP address, router troubles, firewalls, and the list goes on and on. What can we do to assist you?

Data Cabling

ASCOT have a lot of experience with data cabling. Outdoor fibre, indoor fibre, and CAT6 are all in use. We can run single cable runs of up to 50,000 feet in length.